Friday, 22 March 2019

Benefits of Owning Your Business Spaces in the Prime Location

Finding the BEST place for your business is one of the many basic things you need to look after while
starting a new business or shifting your current location to another one.
With the rise in demands of a perfect location, business owners are now in search of a place where their
employees and clients would feel convenient and at ease.
Currently, businesses are finding a place based on various factors useful them, here are some of them we
have curated:
1. The visibility and credibility of the business: Who wouldn’t like a beautiful and serene office location?
You certainly wish your meetings to be filled with energy, with an office located in prime areas and
equipped with right amenities, make your clients happy and make a long lasting impression for them.
2. Easy approvals on your business loans: Looking for finance for your new business property? Well, here is
a tip for you. Many banks and financial institutions tend to approve the business loans for the properties
located in Prime Areas. So prefer the location for your business in a prime area, if you are considering
financial support.
3. Easy reach for employees and clients: As mentioned before, if your employee reaches easily to your
office, then naturally, they will be working efficiently. Also, clients need a place for business where they will
reach in time rather than some clumsy locations.
4. Easy to resale or rent: It is seen that properties in prime areas get the best resale value rather than those
in the normal areas. If you are looking to buy a new commercial property with long term benefits, do look
out for the prime properties. This will help you move out easily for your growing size of the business.
5. Amenities: With great locations, comes great amenities. Many prime business properties are equipped
with necessary amenities like beautiful office furniture, IT Infrastructure, adequate parking space, regular
electricity as well as water supply, conference rooms, reception areas, emergency power backups, internet
access, security, CCTV surveillance and many more. So here you got a checklist of what all things you need
to see in your next commercial property.
6. A great investment: Investing in commercial property is indeed a great asset for your business. Though it
seems like a complex process, it is not that much of a maze. Investing in a commercial property comes with
a great return on your investment, and long term benefits like getting regular tenants, getting proper rental
returns etc.
7. Numbers speak for themselves:

  • India ranked as a third biggest startup hub in the world, as per the report by NASSCOM. The overall
    base of the startup base is growing at the rate of 12-15%. Hence, demand for office spaces and
    specifically co-working is expected to be heightened. (Source: Media Reports)
  • If you are looking for an investment option, commercial office spaces leasing in the top eight cities
    are expected to cross 100 million square feet by the end of 2020. (Source:

8. Facilities and public access: Having an office space in a prime location may give you access to benefits
like shopping malls, food facilities, residential areas, entertainment areas, and all your necessary groceries
and supplements on your way and get the best work-life balance.
You get many benefits while buying a commercial property in the prime location. Although nowadays many
folks are into renting their commercial properties and sharing co-working spaces subsequently. So always
look out for some elite commercial properties that give you an unmatchable value point of being in a prime
location with varied benefits.
At BramhaCorp we strategically design our commercial property offerings, and in Pune, we have designed a
few commercial projects at prime locations like
New Kalyani Nagar, Camp & Bavdhan. We are also planning
to launch new projects in the near future, keep following us to know more.

Friday, 15 March 2019

Factors That Can Increase Your Property Value

The real estate business and its growth are correlated based on various factors. Investing in the right real estate market can offer you good returns if the factors that appreciate the value of the property are in your favor.
Here is a question that may come in your mind easily - What causes property value appreciation? In real estate, appreciation is a concept that defines the increase in the property value because of some factors that influence the rate. Real Estate appreciation happens because of many factors like household finances, economic trends, consumer confidence, the locality & neighborhood, features of the property, social infrastructure in the area and the reputation of the trusted builder etc. which are the major drivers for the appreciation in the property value.
Everybody loves the amenities including interior facilities, exterior ease together with location and architecture. People are seen buying homes in a prime location of Pune as these homes are offering the mentioned advantages.
Let’s have a look at some of the factors that are responsible for property value enhancement:
The locality and neighborhood
We all know how people chant about location while buying a home. But, what does this mean in practical terms when it comes to appreciation of the property value? Many economists define location as hedonic pricing and for many homes, this related to some key factors that impact the lifestyle of the owner:
You need to look for the targeted property is located in a developed, developing or a location which will witness development in the future. Also, you need to see if your property is on a highway or is surrounded by a peaceful location. If your property is close to any main roads, you need to take advantage of it and the market it accordingly. Closeness to offices, medical services, shops and schools should be other factors for young families while buying a home. Property surrounded by local amenities and better transport facilities would definitely enhance the value of the property.
Features of the property
The features of the property also matter when it comes to appreciation of the property. The features here mean floor on which the flat is built, interior amenities like flooring, walls, passages, internal lighting, built quality, size and appeal, etc.
Social infrastructure in the area
Social Infrastructure is about the architecture and its maintenance near our homes. People love to take a walk around the beautiful gardens, footpaths and pavements with greenery surrounding them. Get your home in a location where there is a serene social infrastructure for your own good. Your property surrounded by public facilities like schools, healthcare, and transportation will definitely get a good return in the future.
The reputation of the builder
In the metro cities, the number of builders prevails over the appreciation of the property values. People take good care of buying properties built by real estate developers with a good reputation. Selling your property becomes easy and simple if it's developed by a prominent developer.
If you are looking for a property to invest in recently, these points are surely going to help you to make the right decision. Check for these points and make a better move. If you are looking for a property to buy in Pune, check out premium quality 2BHK flats in Pune by BramhaCorp, one of the leading realtors of Pune.

Monday, 3 December 2018

Benefits of Living in a Home with No Common Walls

Get more privacy per home

Usually, apartments are built with structural features that are shared with the other apartments that are close to them. Keeping this in mind, there is a common picture that the residents are always experiencing some or other kind of disturbance from their neighbors. Just for an instance, if a resident wants to enjoy their high pitch music or watch a football match with cheers and loud noise, there is a chance that the neighbor next door may get annoyed or disturbed easily.
In metropolitan cities like Pune, apartment dwelling has become the most preferred living option. The rise in demand has resulted in space limitations to develop residential options. The real estate picture is getting used to this situation by incorporating minimal designs in flats and apartments which are often harming the concept of living with a peace of mind. For this reason, choosing apartments with no common walls is a smart choice for anyone.
At BramhaCorp, we understand the current trends and requirements of our respected property buyers. After analyzing the exact need of the time, we have come up with Exuberance Elite at NIBM Road, a project that has apartments with no common walls and open on three sides. NIBM Road is a prime and one of the happening areas in Pune and today, many apartments in NIBM road have the same issue of having common walls and privacy.
Here is why Exurbence Elite, a residential project from BramhaCorp, is preferred by Puneits:
  • Ultimate Privacy
Without any shared walls, the sound that transmits from one apartment to other, privacy can be enjoyed at its best in these apartments. From the loud TVs to cheering chit-chats to babies crying at night, any noise that can cause disturbance to the residents is instantly eliminated in the independent apartments.
  • Natural Daylight
Apartments with no common walls are open on three sides that can allow an ample amount of daylight for natural illumination. And hence, during the day, the apartment will have a good light that will create a warm, homely and welcoming ambiance inside the house. With natural light in ample amount, power consumption is also reduced with the additional eco-friendly lighting features over electric sources is another benefit worth noting.
  • Proper Ventilation
The multiple entry points will also assist in making sure that an uninterrupted flow of air inside the apartment. With the fresh air flowing through, the units have also proper ventilation which will prevent the hot air from coming inside and also maintains a comfortable, fresh and cool ambiance by pushing out the stale and old air. The design with no common walls also helps take the advantage of breezy days to its fullest, also becoming more energy efficient and a perfect alternative to air conditioners even in the hot summers.

To get the above three benefits together with more privacy and enjoy the peace of mind every day, choose apartments with no common walls today! To know more, click here.

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Bavdhan- An Ideal Location for Living

Have you been looking for a house at a peaceful location, slightly away from the hustle-bustle of Pune but still close to the main parts of the city? If yes, then choose Bavdhan- which is situated among small greenery-clad hills, which can be an ideal location for you. It has been one of the most popular suburbs in Pune since last few years.

Bavdhan differentiated in two areas - Bavdhan Budruk and Bavdhan Khurd. Bavdhan Budruk still comes under the GramPanchayat, so the pace of development is growing at a snail’s pace. Bavdhan Khurd is a rapidly growing area due to buyer’s preference, excellent projects by leading real estate brands, great connectivity and convenience. Let’s see what other things that make Bavdhan the desired destination.

1. Easy connectivity

Accessibility is an important aspect while choosing a place to buy a property. Bavdhan is well connected to Chandni Chowk, Kothrud, Pashan road, Baner, University road and so on. The PMPML bus service of Pune Corporation has competent service in this area. The upcoming metro project till Kothrud also makes commutation easier. The Pune railway station is 12 KM(approx.) away and the Pune international airport is 18 KM (approx.) away and Intercity bus stand is also at a drivable distance from Bavdhan. More importantly, it is easily connected to western bypass highway.

2. World-class Infrastructure

Infrastructure is a pivotal thing in the development of any area. Bavdhan has wide and open roads, clean and soothing surroundings, civic amenities and local transport bus service etc. The infrastructural growth coupled with the natural beauty of this place makes it more preferred destination to settle down.

3. Entertainment

At the end of an exhausting week, we need an escape from the daily routine and Bavdhan does not disappoint you here as well. The area near Chandani Chowk which is known for many famous restaurants that offers you loads of options to enjoy with your loved ones.

4. Educational facility

It is always great to have the educational facilities within reach. Bavdhan offers faster quick access to many reputed CBSE, ICSE and State board schools and colleges, which are well connected by the school or private transport facilities. The Savitribai Phule Pune University (earlier Pune University) is also only at 7 KM (approx.) away from Bavdhan. Also, it possesses easy travel to renowned colleges like, NICMAR, Sinhgad Technical Education Society, Symbiosis Institute of Media & Communication, MITCON etc.

5. Healthcare

Faster access to well-equipped hospitals is necessary today. Bavdhan has many multispecialty hospitals within the radius of maximum 10 Kms. These hospitals offer all the modern medical facilities needed for complex health conditions and emergencies.

6. Proximity to IT Park

It will not be an exaggeration, if we say Bavdhan has become a big, famous and favorite house for numerous of IT workers. The Hinjewadi IT Park is just 14 km (approx.) away from Bavdhan, while areas like Pashan, Aundh, Baner, Wakad houses many small and midsized companies, that can also be reached within the drive of few minutes. The IT Park has complemented Bavdhan too as the infrastructural growth is substantial here. Some of the top list real estate projects like Vantage Plus and Vantage Tower are situated in Bavdhan.

Bavdhan is truly a wonderful place to settle, as it is free from city rush , close to nature with a pleasant environment. Still, it doesn’t keep you away from the happenings of the city and you can easily commute to every corner of Pune. That is why real estate developers have shown a huge interest here. All these attributes of Bavdhan, make it one of the most desired places for people to invest in.

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Traits that define a good real estate developer

The leading entities of every industry enjoy the greatest opportunities, success and reputation. Customers look for certain characteristics in the service provider before they choose and associate with them. Though, choosing an ideal provider or company is tricky but it is not impossible. With the real estate industry booming as a trending investment option, consumers look for ambitious investments in this industry with trusted real estate developers. 

The successful real estate developers are not made overnight. Anyone can be real estate developer, but certain qualities and traits are required to attain that zenith of success. Let us see what those traits are.

Nowadays, to help customers with the better transparency of real estate investment, RERA has mandate few guidelines. And every real estate developer has to follow them. RERA is a key point to consider these days. Let’s discuss, apart from RERA, what all other things you need to consider while investing in property.

· Legacy

Legacy is something everyone leaves behind for the successors, a heritage that will stay with them for years to come. In the real estate arena, a great legacy is established on the foundation pillars of values, work ethics, the excellence of work, and success of projects. The company leaders have a huge role to play. Their leadership, decision making and more importantly ability to deliver quality project decide the journey of the company. Having a rich legacy will cement the company’s position in the market will help them grow further.

· Past Projects

The projects of a company reflect the company’s stature in the market. If the past projects have struck the right chord with the customers, then the company’s reputation is strengthened with every happy customer. A series of great projects represents overall success and proves that the company studies the current market situation thoroughly and delivers work according to the changing needs of the buyers. Successful projects attract more investors in future and showcase your project-handling capabilities. In the real estate industry, the experience of creating premium projects like luxury villas, resorts and 20+ story apartments gives the company an edge over the competitors.

· Awards And Accreditation 

Awards and accreditations received by a company not only talk about its achievements but also the recognition it has from the industry authorities. Check if your real estate developer is awarded by some prestigious organizations like MCHI-CREDAI, CRISIL, Realty Plus, Estate Worlds, Pune Real Estate Awards and some international awards like Asia – Pacific Awards and so on. These awards and accreditations are equally important as the testimonials of satisfied customers are.

· Credibility

Before investing in any real estate project, we always think about how reliable or trustworthy the developer is. Credibility establishes a great nexus in the real estate industry and attracts the potential buyers. If a firm is delivering the projects on estimated time with supreme quality and great service, then the company will gain trust from not only the customers but also the potential buyers.

· Transparency

When there is clarity in business relations, it automatically helps in gaining the trust. For real estate developers maintaining the transparency is very important, as it will be a catalyst to get future projects.

These traits are found in the popular and trusted real estate developers like BramhaCorp and every real estate company strives to imbibe these traits, which ensure an efficacious business journey.

Friday, 30 March 2018

Home Loan- An opportunity

The mere mention of word ‘Home’ creates an inexplicable feeling in our mind, which is full of bliss, togetherness, celebrations, memories and cherished dreams. Everyone works hard to create a unique home in their special way, however, sometimes our efforts fall short and we need a helping hand. Home loans are quite useful in this situation and they are readily available. What is a home loan? Is it similar to other loans? Let us find out.

Home Loan
In simple words, home loan is the loan taken by a borrower from the bank against a property. The bank has been given conditional ownership of the property that means if the borrower fails to pay back the loan; the bank can salvage the loan money by selling that property. The period and EMI to pay back the lent amount varies according to the loan amount. Another thing that plays an important role in a home loan is the interest rate. Let us see some different types of interest rates.
  • Fixed Rate: The fixed interest is a rate that does not fluctuate during the loan period. It is convenient from the borrower’s point of view as s/he can predict her/his future payments.
  • Floating Rate: A floating interest rate or also known as the variable or adjustable rate is that rate which is not fixed at the time of the loan. It can be changed during the loan period.
  • Hybrid Rate: It is a blend of fixed rate and floating rate. This type has a fixed interest rate period that will be followed by a floating or adjustable interest rate. When the fixed rate gets expired, the interest rate will start to adjust on the basis of index plus margin.

Buying a home is a huge step, which may disturb your financial planning and overall life. However, a home loan can help you to bring financial stability in the long run. Let’s see how?
  • Better than renting a house – Your rent brings you nothing at the end whereas, EMIs bring you a house of your own.
  • Tax benefit – Home loans brings loads of tax benefits on the principle and interest paid to the banks.
  • Low-Interest rates – Home loans are long-term loans and the borrowers can always enjoy the benefit of low-interest rates.

Home loan with proper financial planning will give you financial stability in the future. Banks offer different types of loans according to the buyer’s necessity. Here are some different types of home loans.

1. Land purchase Loan
The land purchase loan is given for the purchase of a piece of land or property to the borrower who is looking to construct a house there. The banks lend 80-85% of the property price.

2. Home Purchase Loan
Home purchase loan is given by the financial bodies to purchase a residential property. The borrower can avail 80-85% of the market value of the property from the bank. You can choose the interest rate type, which can be fixed, floating or hybrid.

3. Home Construction Loan
If the applicant is constructing a home on the self-owned property, a loan can be issued considering the following factors.

· The plot should have been purchased within a year.

· The applicant should have a rough estimate of construction cost.

· If the cost of the plot is not included in the loan, then the estimation for construction is taken into account.

4. Home Extension Loan
Home extension loan is given for expanding the existing property. Some banks differentiate this loan based on the purpose of extension while some banks consider this as a part of home-improvement loans.

5. Home Improvement Loans
The home improvement loans are mostly for the renovation of the house and include painting, waterproofing, repairing in the existing house, electric wiring etc.

6. NRI Home Loans

This type of loan is for the non-resident Indians who wish to buy property in India. The procedure is similar to other loans except some documents are different.

Home loan is not a risk, but an opportunity to transform your dream home into a reality. Go ahead and take the first step towards what your heart desires.

Thursday, 8 March 2018

How Living close to Your Workplace is Beneficial

Life is hectic today with loads of challenges and dreams. Pune is flourishing with the upcoming international airport and metro. However, travelling to distantly located workplaces takes a lot of time of many individuals who sometimes are jealous of people who manage to live close to their office. Though you may have your preferences and sometimes constraints too while choosing your house location, it is always possible to find a suitable place near to your office, especially in Pune.

Locations like Kalyani Nagar, NIBM, Hinjewadi, Kharadi, Magarpatta, Bavdhan have become the working hubs and the nearby areas are the most preferred locations for the home buyers. Living close to office has ample advantages. If you work near Kalyani Nagar and are looking for luxurious abodes then you can come across some of the best 1, 2 and 3 BHK flats in New Kalyani Nagar, Pune. If you don’t live so far away, then you don’t have to worry about traveling or commuting long distances. You need to take the location of your office as well as other hot spots like markets and schools into consideration when picking the right home. Why not make it easier on yourself when choosing a place to live and pick one that is near your office and other locations?

Saves Time
The best thing about renting or purchasing 2BHK flats in NIBM or Kalyani Nagar is that you are close to all of the working sectors, which will save you time. Travelling back and forth is exhausting and time-consuming. Choosing your house-location in this area will be less hectic and save your time of travel. If you work in Hinjewadi or Wakad, you have a wide choice of ready to move flats in Bavdhan, Pune which enables you to spend more time with your family members.

Instead of spending time on commuting, why not use it in a better way?

Peace of mind

By staying close to work locations you will be able to spend more time with your family and friends. You can also give time to things, which give you pure joy like your hobbies or favorite sports and so on. Pune is famous for various types of cultural, social activities, which are fun to attend, and if you can cut down on daily commuting time, you can easily attend such activities. Spending time with your loved ones, enjoying your favorite activities lessen the anxiety and work stress giving you peace of mind, which benefits in the form of better mental and physical health. You will be able to spend more time on exercise, yoga, aerobics, gym whatever you choose. A healthy mind and healthy body is a key to happiness.

Saves your fuel

This is another important aspect which we need to consider. Reduced travel time means travelling to a shorter route and less distance to work form your home, which means you will have less fuel consumption. This will help you cut down your carbon footprints by saving fuel consumption which is a global concern at present. Meanwhile, you also save on fuel that usually puts a huge hole in your pocket.

All of the 2 and 3 BHK flats in Kharadi, Bavdhan, NIBM and New Kalyani Nagar are close to working sectors. These ready possession flats in Kharadi, Pune are not only nearer to offices but are also closer to the areas like markets, schools and many more. If you have to take your child to school every day before the office, then you should make sure that you are picking a location that suites both the ends so that you don’t have a long day ahead of you. Why not find a location that is convenient when you are looking to purchase or rent a home for your family rather than something that is out of the way and off the beaten road?

If you work on the western sides of Pune or need to travel to Mumbai frequently then, 2BHK flats in Bavdhan, Pune will prove to be the right choice for your family. The nearby highway eases your travel hassles if you have to visit outer areas of the city like Katraj, Aundh, Balewadi etc. The best part is that these homes are close to all of the office sectors and work locations like Baner, Hinjewadi, Aundh, Pimpri-Chinchwad etc so that you don’t have an extremely long commute on a daily basis. They will reduce your travel time and make it less exhausting.

Spending time with loved ones, giving time to your hobbies and leisure is as important as your work. Living close to the office and getting a dream home is possible in Pune, you just need to make the right choice while booking your home.