Monday, 3 December 2018

Benefits of Living in a Home with No Common Walls

Get more privacy per home

Usually, apartments are built with structural features that are shared with the other apartments that are close to them. Keeping this in mind, there is a common picture that the residents are always experiencing some or other kind of disturbance from their neighbors. Just for an instance, if a resident wants to enjoy their high pitch music or watch a football match with cheers and loud noise, there is a chance that the neighbor next door may get annoyed or disturbed easily.
In metropolitan cities like Pune, apartment dwelling has become the most preferred living option. The rise in demand has resulted in space limitations to develop residential options. The real estate picture is getting used to this situation by incorporating minimal designs in flats and apartments which are often harming the concept of living with a peace of mind. For this reason, choosing apartments with no common walls is a smart choice for anyone.
At BramhaCorp, we understand the current trends and requirements of our respected property buyers. After analyzing the exact need of the time, we have come up with Exuberance Elite at NIBM Road, a project that has apartments with no common walls and open on three sides. NIBM Road is a prime and one of the happening areas in Pune and today, many apartments in NIBM road have the same issue of having common walls and privacy.
Here is why Exurbence Elite, a residential project from BramhaCorp, is preferred by Puneits:
  • Ultimate Privacy
Without any shared walls, the sound that transmits from one apartment to other, privacy can be enjoyed at its best in these apartments. From the loud TVs to cheering chit-chats to babies crying at night, any noise that can cause disturbance to the residents is instantly eliminated in the independent apartments.
  • Natural Daylight
Apartments with no common walls are open on three sides that can allow an ample amount of daylight for natural illumination. And hence, during the day, the apartment will have a good light that will create a warm, homely and welcoming ambiance inside the house. With natural light in ample amount, power consumption is also reduced with the additional eco-friendly lighting features over electric sources is another benefit worth noting.
  • Proper Ventilation
The multiple entry points will also assist in making sure that an uninterrupted flow of air inside the apartment. With the fresh air flowing through, the units have also proper ventilation which will prevent the hot air from coming inside and also maintains a comfortable, fresh and cool ambiance by pushing out the stale and old air. The design with no common walls also helps take the advantage of breezy days to its fullest, also becoming more energy efficient and a perfect alternative to air conditioners even in the hot summers.

To get the above three benefits together with more privacy and enjoy the peace of mind every day, choose apartments with no common walls today! To know more, click here.